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Synonyms-Antonyms , Synonym হল প্রতিশদ্ব আর Antonym হল বিপরীত শদ্ব

  *Antonym গঠন
i. un, in, ir, like, de, dis, miss, im, ইত্যাদি শব্দের পূর্বে অর্থাৎ Prefix যোগ করে Antonym গঠন করা যায় ।

ii. full কে  less Suffix যোগ করে Antonym গঠন করা যায় ।

  iii. নতুন শব্দ ব্যবহার করে Antonym গঠন করা যায় ।

  Use of synonym and antonym
11.Read the passage and then write the antonym or synonym of the words as directed below.

  Question-1.  Citizens having good characters lead (a) virtuous lives. Their thought and  behaviour show high moral values. They cannot even think of doing any (b) immoral deed. One of the most (c) positive qualities of these people is tolerance towards others. Tolerance and respect together can make life (d) harmonious and (e) peaceful in society. If a person is (f) intolerant,  becomes difficult and almost (g) impossible  for that person. As we want to live in (h)happiness, we must lea social norms. By obeying social norms, we can enjoy (i) heavenly pleasure. On the other hand, we will suffer a lot, if we (j) disobey these.

  (a) Virtuous (Antonym) (b) Immoral (Antonym) (c) Positive  (Synonym)  (d) Harmonious (Antonym) (e) Peaceful  (Antonym)(f) Intolerant (Synonym)  (g) Impossible  (Synonym) (h) Happiness, (Antonym)  (i) Heavenly (Synonym)

  (j) Disobey (Synonym)

(a) Virtuous (Antonym) -evil, corrupt, immoral

  (b) Immoral (Antonym) -moral, ethical, behaviour

  (c) Positive  (Synonym)  -optimistic, hopeful, confident

  (d) Harmonious (Antonym) -unfriendly, discordant, quarrelsome

  (e) Peaceful  (Antonym) -violent, hostile, warlike

  (f) Intolerant (Synonym) -prejudiced, racist, dogmatic

  (g) Impossible  (Synonym) -impracticable, unachievable

  (h) Happiness, (Antonym)  -unhappiness, depression, distress

  (i) Heavenly (Synonym) -divine, holy, celestial

  (j) Disobey (Synonym) -defy, ignore, disregard

  Question-2.  Books are the (a) unique medium through which we contact (b) mighty minds of ages. Books tell us about their feelings, what they said and what they did. Books are one of the greatest friends to us. They introduce us to the best (c)  humanity. They are (d) reliable records of the history of pastmen. A book is a (e) valuable living voice. We can know about the thoughts and (f) rituals of past men through books. We should read books and avoid (g) worthless ones. A good book is a friend in (h) loneliness and nurse in (i) ailment. We can find real (j) happiness by reading good books.

  Antonym/ Synonym

  (a) Unique (Antonym)(b) Mighty (Antonym)(c)  Humanity (Synonym)  (d) Reliable (Antonym) (e) Valuable (Antonym)(g) Worthless (Synonym)   (f) Rituals (Synonym)  (h) Loneliness (Synonym)(i) Ailment (Synonym)(j) Happiness (Antonym)

(a) Unique (Antonym) -common, general, simple (b) Mighty (Antonym) -weak, forceless, feeble (c)  Humanity (Synonym) -mankind, manhood, humanness

  (d) Reliable (Antonym) -unfaithful, trustless, unreliable  (e) Valuable (Antonym) -worthless, unimportant, useless

  (g) Worthless (Synonym) -ceremony, function, celebration  (f) Rituals (Synonym) -useless, inessential, valueless

  (h) Loneliness (Synonym) ®singleness, solitude, aloneness

  (i) Ailment (Synonym) ®illness, sickness, malady  (j) Happiness (Antonym) ®sadness, unhappiness, distress


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