Letter লেখার নিয়ম একটি লেটার শিখে লিখুন ছাজার লিটার আপনিও পারবেন

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                                                   বিসমিল্লাহির রাহমানির রাহীম 
                                              নিচে লেটার Letter নিয়ম দেওয়া হল:-

Letter লেখার অটো

                                                           Letter লিখার জন্য কিছু লাইন

 _____________(The Headmaster
) _____________(School Name)
 _____________(স্থানের নাম)

 My dear 

At first take my love / salam from the core of my heart. Now I don’t know how you are now. I hope you are well by the grace of Almighty .Allah. I am also well. I am very glad/ shocked to write you some lines about _________( এখানে যে বিষয়ে লিখতে রবলেছে সেই বিষয়ে 4-5 টি বাক্য লিখুন না পারলে ও যা পারেন লিখুন) No more today. Convey regards to the elders and love to the little ones. You must take care of your health. With best wishes to you. I am looking forward to hearing from you very soon.
Yours ever,
Roll No- 

এখানে খাম হবে…. নিচে খাম দেওয়া হল:-

Letter খাম

এই প্রথম টা দিয়ে সব চালিয়ে দিবেন যদি সব গুলা পড়তে না চান আশা করি অন্তত 50% মার্ক পাবেন!__________________________________________ আর কিছু নিয়ম যাষ্ট যে বিষয়ে লিখবেন তার বিবরণ এর জন্য                   জাইগা পরিদর্শন হলে

 1. Visiting book fair/trade fair/computer fair/ science fair/any fair

 2. Visiting national memorial 3. Visiting baishakhi mela 

4. Visiting zoo. 

5. Visiting Cox’s bazaar. 

6. Historical place/ shat gambuj mosque

 I went to — জায়গার নাম ———–with my friends. Actually, —–জায়গার নাম always attracts me. I always want to visit it. It is a nice place. I saw many things there. I saw different kinds of people there. There was crowd. I also shared my views and ideas with others. The environment was very favorable. I moved here and there and tried to enjoy. After walking of long time I took rest for a while. I took some snacks. I saw —————-—যা দেখছ তা নিয়ে কিছু বাক্য .Nothing shocked me. The recent visit charmed me very much.

    কিছু করার হলে যেমন: 

1. Early rising
 2. Reading newspaper
 3. Punctuality
 4. Physical exercise 
5. Morning walk
6. Attention to study 
7. Having computer training 
8. Learning English

 As far as I have known, you are not aware of —-(name). Do you know ——(Name) is very useful for all? It is a very important thing in our life. The importance of ———(Name)-cannot be described in words. It helps us in many ways. It will be an unwise act not to give importance on it. Everybody should know the importance of Besides; it is an essential medicine for our life.———(Name)makes our life happy and fruitful. Only by being conscious of it, one can easily be the beneficiary of—- —–(Name). Besides, you should think about it deeply. You should take it as habit.           

  কোন কিছু না করা হলে যেমন: 

1. Smoking 
2. Drug addiction 
3. Student politics
 4. Evil /bad company 
5. Eve-leasing 

 As far as 1 have known, you are not aware of —–(name). There are many bad effects of (name). The effects are too difficult to describe in a word. It causes serious harm to us. It is the store of another problem. It causes —(name)(Name)problem, —-(name)problem, —- (name)problem etc. It results in —–(name)_ problem it will destroy your life. As a result, you cannot lead a peaceful life. It will take away your sound sleep. I am anxious about it. I hope you will keep yourself away from it.      

          কাওকে দাওয়াত করতে হলে যেমন:

 1. Marriage ceremony of…..
2. Birth day party of… 
3. A picnic 

A study lour ————–(name)is going to be arranged next Sunday. You will be glad to know that all my friends will attend it. So, I am inviting you to the — ———–. If you join, I will be very glad and enjoy the ——–very well. 1am waiting for you.        

   কাওকে অভিনন্দন জানাতে যেমন:

 1. Hospitality
 2. Birthday gift. 
3. Brilliant success 

I congratulate you heartily on your ——-(name).Really it is a matter of great satisfaction to me. My joy knows no bounds. I will never forget it. It will remain ever fresh in my heart. I was highly charmed at this. It will be a great pleasure for me if you visit me shortly. Congratulation to you once again.       

              কোন দিবস উদযাপন নিয়ে

profound( Name) the early morning, the teachers and the students took out a procession under the guidance of the principal to’ celebrate this day. After that the students arranged a cultural function at the college auditorium. Many students performed patriotic and traditional songs and danced with traditional instruments. The college campus was decorated colorfully. There was a discussion meeting. The principal presided over the function. Man guests were invited. The speakers spoke on the topics. They also spoke about the history and the importance of the day. —-—.A drama was also staged on the importance of the day .At last, at 3 p.m. the principal declared the end of the function by thanking all.

না বুঝলে বা লেখাই কোন ভুল হলে নিজ গুনে এই ভাইটিকে ক্ষমার চোখে দেখবেন!


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